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“This was my second visit and the massage was just as good as the first. The massage is wonderfully erotic and professionally done. I will certainly be returning and making this a regular thing. Jonathan ”

by , October 28, 2019

“Came for my first session this week and it was heavenly. Was put at ease immediately as walked into the practice and was told about the principles of tantra and what to expect. What i didn't expect was feeling the things I felt that I didn't even know were possible. Lost for words afterwards. Will be back very soon. Thank you !”

by , October 18, 2019

“I have been visiting the centre for some time now and during each massage I have experienced the feelings of joy and contentment which lasts for long after the session is over giving me the strength to put up with the rollercoaster called life. From the very first visit I was put at ease by very friendly staff and for every visit after the staff have always been friendly and relaxed and the expertise they show is obvious. The girls are always more than happy to sit and discuss the massage with me afterwards and can explain the meaning of the various feelings I have experienced during the massage. The massage and subsequent journey is highly recommendable for all. Looking forward to returning soon. Donald ”

by , September 29, 2019

“I had my first experience with silk massage and can say what a most beautifully experience it was... I certainly will be returning for my next adventure....”

by , September 15, 2019

“I have just spent 90 minutes of heavenly bliss with Diviana. Not only does she look gorgeous, she has a wonderful and light touch. I was utterly spoilt for the whole of my session. This massage was erotic and special. I'm in Edinburgh for the weekend and I want to see her tomorrow. ps. I first came to the Temple when it opened nearly 7 years ago - I've been a regular since then. ”

by , June 29, 2019

“I have been very fortunate with Silk Massage Centre in Edinburgh taking me along the most exquisite Tantra journey over the last few months.

I started with the 1hr 30min Tantric massage and was taken through the wonderful Tantra journey to the VIP session over a number of months including 3 hour sessions and the unforgettable 4 hands massages….unbelievable bliss (I would recommend starting with the 2 hr session). The VIP session connects with all your five senses in a wonderfully sensual and erotic way and is a truly unforgetable experience.

The girls are without doubt extremely gifted in the art of Tantra and can take you on a sensual, warm and erotic journey that no words can describe.

Silk Massage have created an ambience that allows you to feel free, totally at ease and ready to be taken into a wonderful place in both body and soul by the very experienced, beautiful, sensual and caring therapists.

Personally, I was a bit sceptical about the art of Tantra however from my first wonderfully sensual, warm and erotic massage I have felt the benefits in my personal being and without doubt I am now in a better place both in body and soul.

I cannot recommend Silk Massage highly enough – they have given me a new perspective in life, have shown me the beautiful personal benefits of the art of Tantra and have changed my life in a very positive way…..forever.

My love to all the girls who took me on this wonderful journey (and I hope will continue to do so).”

by , June 28, 2019

“Dear Silk, I had the exquisite privilege to spend a unique moment of my life with Joy this afternoon – she took me to a new level and I’m so grateful. Joy, tenderness and empathy – that’s Joy! Kind regards “The privileged visitor, Mike” PS. Fantastic settings and facilities.”

by , June 19, 2018

“Today’s session was very good, you are a master at taking me to erotic highs and then letting me cool down slowly before moving me on to the next peak. Very loving. Really helpful. Thank you.”

by , June 19, 2018

“I experienced two hours of exquisite pleasure today, and emotional responses I would never have expected. Most amazingly, I didn’t have to do anything. I listened to the instructions to close my eyes, surrender and relax, and everything just happened to me. It turns out that a true, pure tantric massage is a learning experience. It’s like nothing I’ve ever experienced before and I would recommend it to anyone. The heights you reach here are extraordinary and hard to put into words; I expect that it’s different for each individual. You will not orgasm here, but you will spend an extended period of time feeling an intensity of emotional and physical ecstasy that everyone should experience.”

by , June 19, 2018

“I wish to thank you for the fantastic experience that I had on Thursday afternoon. I cannot praise your girls enough! From my first contact to enquire about tantric massage, then the girl who met me at the door and answered my questions regarding concerns I had about how I would react during the massage. She really put me at easy and finally, but not least, the girl who gave me my massage. I must appologise I am terrible with names and cannot remember any of them.

The massage was one of the nicest things that has ever happened to me and the experience will remain with me for a long time. I have never been touched before with such tender care. Even though I am in my sixties I have never been naked in front of another woman apart from my wife and have never seen another naked woman in the flesh, so I was a bit worried how I would react, but following the advice given to me by the girl who met me allowed me to fully enjoy the experience without being embarrassed.

The massage when I was lying on my back was just heavenly how the girl massaged my body as if she was giving it love and also respect, especially when she was working around my genital area without touching them. It was so lovely to not actually be sexually aroused or even have sexual thoughts during this part of the massage. The body to body massage was fantastic! Especially when she massaged her breasts across me, as it was done with such care and tenderness,.. truly magical!

The only negative I have is that it would have been nice to just sit after the massage with the girl to talk for a few minutes about how I felt. I know she met me at the front door to walk me out, but it would have been nicer to do this in the room before getting dressed. I do not get the opportunity very often to come to Edinburgh but I only hope that during next year I will manage through and if so I will book another session with one of your lovely girls, maybe for a 2 hours appointment.

Again, many thanks for a truly fantastic day!”

by , June 19, 2018

“I visited the Silk Massage today for the first time this year and what a fantastic time I had. After having a shower I like to sit cross legged in the well heated room, close my eyes and relax whilst waiting for the masseuse, my goddess for the day, to quietly slip into the room. I’m able to relax but I also find these few minutes a time of arousal as I anticipate in my mind the sensuous massage that is about to take place. Today it was Grace who came in quietly and kneeled in front of me so that we could hold hands, this gives me the opportunity to put myself in her hands, to submit to her direction and let her dictate the course of the massage. The massage proper starts with the gentlest of touches that is both comforting and stimulating and builds up in intensity covering all of your back, arms and hands, legs feet and toes. The touch is such that it is sometimes difficult to know whether it is her hands, arms, legs or feet that are being used to administer the massage. The goddess will also use her whole body which I always find very erotic and stimulating but no matter what state of arousal I experience it is always under control and your goddess will have a skilled and subtle way of taking all the energy of your arousal into your body and mind. It would be a mistake to think that this is a sexual encounter, yes it is erotic and sensuous but there is no pressure to perform and in truth any movement along the sexual path would spoil the whole experience of the massage. For me these experiences take me on an erotic journey that leaves me satisfied, energised and more in control of my own sex life and drive.”

by , June 19, 2018

“I noticed that there are only testimonies from your male guests when I first visited your website and I would like to give my impressions to encourage all ladies to have a go… From the moment I entered the Temple, I felt surrounded by warmth and love. Everyone is just lovely and I immediately felt very comfortable. When booking my appointment I had been given the choice between a male or a female therapist and I opted for the male as I was not sure that I would feel comfortable with a woman doing the massage. This was my first massage of this kind and so I was slightly apprehensive when I arrived. The room I was to have my massage in was lovingly decorated and cosily warm. When I met my therapist, he took his time to tell me about the tantra principles of the massage and right from the start put me at total ease. I immediately felt in safe hands and that was exactly where I was. During the massage he always seemed to sense and know what I needed, was it the more gentle, light or the more firm touch. I experienced the most wonderful, relaxing feelings and was amazed how my body responded to his massage. I felt cherished and loved and it was wonderful to have someone give me the utmost pleasure and concentrate fully on me for 2 hours without me ever having to give something back. When I left I not only felt relaxed and extremely feminine but also very, very happy and this happiness is staying with me. Whenever I think back to my massage, I find that spark of happiness that my therapist planted in my heart which puts a smile on my face. I cannot thank him enough for what he has given me and I will surely be back.”

by , November 28, 2017

“I just wanted to send you a short email to say how much I appreciate the massages you have given me, now on three occasions. They are beautifully caring and enriching, as well as gently erotic. I am really grateful. Could you say thank you to the two goddesses who have massaged me and say they are beautiful and skilful and loving. I expect to be back in Edinburgh soon and hope to arrange another massage. Many thanks again! Best regards Thor. ”

by , June 21, 2016

“Deilig massasje, første gang Tantra for meg, men ikke siste. Fint sted, avslappende og trygg atmosfære. Min kloke og vakre massør var svært dyktig, profesjonell, følsom, var og intens. Jeg slappet av, ble fylt av ny energi og lærte mye om meg selv. Takk!”

by , February 18, 2016

“I visited Silk Massage centre again today (16 Dec) and experienced the most relaxing yet stimulating massage from my goddess of the day. Relaxing yet stimulating seem to be a contradiction but the goddesses at Silk massage centre are so skilled, so sensuous, that they can take you on a wonderful journey that not only thrills you but teaches you control of your own erotic feelings and responses. At the end of the massage they gently calm you down then quietly slip out of the room and leave you to come back down to earth. They give a truly wonderful and magical experience.”

by , February 2, 2016

“After 2 hour massage with Helen I could fly without wings. Very good. Very nice.”

by , January 31, 2016

“Very relaxing experience of the sense of touch! Beautiful awakening of your senses! Certainly would recommend!”

by , January 19, 2016

“Dear Silk, You asked me on Wednesday how I felt after you had given me the pleasure of your wonderful Tantric massage. At that moment I was unable to put into words the feelings I had experienced under your touch as I was in an almost trance like state. Since our last meeting I have tried to understand the feelings you engendered in me during and after the massage. During the massage I was immediately relaxed by your gentle touches, as this relaxation increased I entered a state of mind very like some meditation practices I have used in the past. As your body contact increased this meditative state deepened I found that my mind was totally focused on your touch. The softness of your caresses and the feeling of your body against me, the sound of your breath in my ear and the way your hair fleetingly brushed my face was profoundly erotic in a way I have never experienced before. To feel your breast, erect nipple and navel against my finger tips was a truly powerful and magical experience, an experience which I can replay in my mind with sublime wonder. Your tantric massages are a true and powerful spiritual enlightenment and I look forward to experiencing much more from you in the near future.”

by , December 8, 2015

“Today’s session was very good, you are a master at taking me to erotic highs and then letting me cool down slowly before moving me on to the next peak. Very loving. Really helpful. Thank you.”

by , November 3, 2015

“It was really a nice experience getting a tantric massage at Silk Massage centre. I felt my erotic energy up and running through all my body and also a special connection between my body and mind. I felt the oneness with my soul and this was really wonderful! Thank you.”

by , August 9, 2015

“Many thanks and good wishes! My last visit will reasonate with me for a very long time to come. The care and love given during my last tantric massage has re-energised and reinvigorated my whole being. Once again many thanks for your wonderful work and ongoing guidance. Best wishes”

by , May 4, 2015

“I had an appointment on Wednesday at 8pm and just wanted to thank you for a wonderful experience. It was my first tantric massage but it certainly won’t be my last. It was a very beautiful and sensual experience. I look forward to visiting again soon. Thank you. Kind regards.”

by , April 16, 2015

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