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Tantric Massage for Men

Tantric Massage for Men

Our sensual and erotic Tantric massage will make you dive into the mysterious realm of intense passion, a world of unequalled fantasies.

The erotic massage is focused on  strokes that will trigger specific sensations and thrills that will take you on the peaks of ecstasy.

Applying principles from the genuine Tantra tradition, this type of massage will awake within you a very refined and special eroticism, giving you comfort and security, a unique experience of sensuality. The tender and very light strokes, or more intense ones at times, will cover your entire body.

During the tantric massage you become more receptive, you may experience intense emotional states, and due to the upwards channeling of the awakened erotic energy, you will be able to save your sexual fluids and thus your virility is amplified. At the end you will feel very energised and at the same time very relaxed!

By exploring more of the possibilities that this type of sensuality can bring into your life, you may turn your private erotic life into a blissful celebration of love that will then last for hours on end and bring numerous peaks of intense and sublime pleasure into your entire body and soul.

Silk Tantric massage for men

     £130 for 1hr 30mins
     £160 for 2hrs
     £240 for 3hrs
     £240 double delight massage (massage with 2 masseuses) for 1hr 30mins
     £300 double delight massage (massage with 2 masseuses) for 2hrs

*Longer sessions are possible: every 30' costs additionally £60
*For our regular guests we have special bonuses and discounts.
*Note: To keep the privacy of our guests, the payment will be only in cash.

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