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Tantric Massage for Couples

Tantric Massage for Couples

Tantric massage for couples brings much more fantasy and pleasure for the passionate couples, who are up for new sensations. This tantric massage is tailored as to bring delight to the senses of both lovers, to arouse and bring them to intense peaks of pleasure.

It can be the most intense erotic experience that will give a high push to your relationship, will boost up the trust you have in each other, and it can also help remove all inhibitions within the couple relationship.

It is an experience that will help you discover each other erotically on more profound levels!

Silk Tantric massage for couples

     £250 for 1hr 30mins
     £280 for 2hrs (our recommended time for couples)

*Longer sessions are possible: every 30' costs additionally £80
*For our regular guests we have special bonuses and discounts.
*Note: To keep the privacy of our guests, the payment will be only in cash.