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Tantra Coaching and Workshops

Tantra Coaching and Workshops

We organize weekly tantra teachings and from time to time but at least every month a new tantra extended workshop. They are both in groups and individual sessions as is convenient for you. Each session will deepen the previous discussion and also will bring new topics.

In order to make Genuine Tantric path more and more accessible, for those who are interested in the personal growth, we are offering tantric coaching and workshops. We are passionate about supporting men and women on their journey to a more conscious living and a deeper experience of intimacy.

We aim to bring you a practical and highly pleasant ways to renew and continuously use the fabulous energy of passion, now finally reconciled with spirituality.

Discover through tantra coaching how can the principles of Genuine Tantra help you improve your life and reconnect with your true nature.
Contact us to ask more details about it or we can talk about when you come at our centre.