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Silk Vip Massage

Silk Vip Massage

Are you special? Then you deserve to be treated like a king!

We are introducing the SILK VIP MASSAGE for those of you who really want to give themselves the treat of a King! For this you need to set yourself free from your daily life for 3hrs and join us for the experience of your life!
Our gorgeous goddesses will take you to the heavens

How it will be? Imagine yourself being slowly pampered with sensuality and affection by 2 or 3 stunning ladies. It will be like a slow syncronized dance of their bodies upon you. You will taste the uniqueness of each of them as well as their mixed sensuality. That can plunge you into a magic paradise of soft and delicate touches.

Very intense and deep sensations will awake your senses. Of course, we have some pleasant surprises but we cannot reveal everything here. You will find out at our massage centre.

Silk VIP massage 

     £420 for 3hrs with 2 of our delights.

     £640 for 3hrs with 3 of our delights.

*Note: To keep the privacy of our guests, the payment will be only in cash.