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About our Tantric Massages

About our Tantric Massages

Silk is an exquisite tantric massage centre in Edinburgh and we provide maybe the best genuine tantric massages here in Edinburgh. Our team is focused on providing our guests with the most complex and sophisticated tantric massage services.

Inspired by refined eroticism of the ancient Tantric Tradition from the Kashmirian Shaivism, our massages are a mixture of relaxation massage, erotic massage, sensual massage, and body to body massage. Is a very different experience compare to other usual erotic massages. For sure we will be a very pleasant surprise for you.

Tantric massage is a holistic treatment performed all over your body; it treats your body, soul and spirit as a whole, with the techniques catering to the needs for each of them.

Body to body massage can be for you a journey into heavenly sensations. Why? Because our ladies are highly skilled and professional. They gained in years and with hard work such a good experience in the tantric massage and will make your massage experience be unforgettable.

Your body yearns to be touched at all times. Beautiful girls, of great sensuality and cuteness, will be massaging your body with their bodies: with their breasts, fingers, feet, buttocks, entire body. An up-burst of totally new sensations will burn up your entire being, taking you into worlds of unseen eroticism.

Due to the sensual nature of Tantra itself among the many benefits you can enjoy is the improvement of sexual drive and energy. Sometimes may be needed several sessions of Tantric massages to get the results. It depends of each individual and there is no rule. As your therapist delivers stimulations across your body, you will feel gradually your inner sexual energy developing exponentially.

One session only is often too less to achieve the full benefits. Read about 10 benefits here.

*Please note that our centre do not offers sexual services nor sexual fantasies or other related services. The session will flow as the therapists knows. Of course, prior to session you can communicate your health problems or issues but there is no place for sexual requests. If you do it, the session will end immediately and you will leave the centre without any refund.

Discretion is one of the our values standing at the basis of the Silk Massage concept, so be sure that we will never provide any information about you to third parties.

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