Tantric Massage Centre in Edinburgh

Mo-Sat 11am - 11pm

+44 74 10 97 74 46



When returning to your daily life after visiting our massage centre, we wish you take with you the memory of the most beautiful experience of your life and return to our massage centre, knowing that there is even more yet to be discovered!

Our massages and your overall experience in our centre will be quite unique as it involves delightful sensuality, and yet it is quite different from any other similar experience you might have had!

This is the reason why we kindly ask that you completely relax and surrender, so that you can easily be guided through the sensual tantric massage that you are offered. This is a time for you to enjoy, you don't need to do anything in return.

The more you relax and surrender, the more your awareness will be enhanced and the more free your masseuse can be in the way she offers you the massage. This is why it is essential you keep your eyes closed, remain still and relaxed, and let your energies follow the ones of your therapist. This is the key for getting the most out of your visit to our massage centre!

Our kind request is that you pay the utmost respect to us at all times. We will not tolerate any misbehaved remarks or acts. Disregarding this request will lead in ending the massage session and there will be no refund.

We do not offer any sexual services, so please do not insist on this, and don't make remarks that are not suited for a decent place like ours.

If you enjoyed the sensual tantric massage you received from us, please feel free to invite your friends to come over, too. We would also appreciate very much any feedback and thoughts on your experience that you may want to share with us! Please use our contact form to email on this.

Tel: +44 74 10 97 74 46