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Discover the Tantric Yoni Massage - a gate to sacred femininity

Discover the Tantric Yoni Massage - a gate to sacred femininity

Silk Massage dedicates this special massage to all women.

Dare to experience the yoni massage

The sacred art of massage was attained by the human being by divine inspiration, from a superior elevated source.

The yoni (vulva) of a woman has an extraordinary power that can easily be awakened and amplified through the art of tantric massage.

Through the gentle and mysterious yoni massage, women can be tenderly guided towards revealing the most amazing paradise that awaits hidden within the inner universe of a woman.

The goal of the yoni massage is not the orgasm itself. This is often a side effect that would appear, that is very pleasant and welcomed. The goal of the yoni massage is simply helping you relax, attaining pleasure and awakening the energy at the level of the yoni. So, it is very important for you to relax, and know that there is no ending point, but this is a time for you to simply enjoy, without absolutely anything being expected from you in return.

Will I have orgasm during yoni massage?

When the orgasm appears during the massage, it is usually more intense, more powerful, giving a very overwhelming feeling of expansion. The orgasm may appear or not, it is not a must either way.

All you need to do is simply relax and enjoy your time

This type of massage will help women release and heal emotional traumas that are deep within the subconscious. Even physically, women have the tendency to quickly accumulate tensions and stress in specific areas of their body. For example, stress and tensions related to the emotional level would build up around the area of the chest and breasts, difficult life situations from their life, may generate stress building up on the shoulders.

First we will slowly and deeply relax your body

This is why, the tantric massage sessions that are to include a yoni massage as well need to be of at least 2 hours. Before starting the actual yoni massage the stress and tensions need to be released from all parts of the body, so that you can benefit fully from the pleasant and intense awakening of the occult power of the yoni within your being. Otherwise, the very intense erotic energy that will awake at the level of the yoni through the massage will not be able to flow freely.

Beyond what words can describe, the yoni massage is an experience that needs to be lived, and only in this way it can trully awake and reveal the extraordinary inner power of the Divine Woman you are.

June 4, 2018