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7 Keys to a Successful Tantric Massage

7 Keys to a Successful Tantric Massage

Some of you had the chance to experience extraordinary states during a Tantric Massage session, while others are still wondering and searching for the right one.

This is why we share with you these 7 keys to a successful Tantric Massage:

1. Be open to receive and accept with happiness the inevitable pleasures that will be offered to you. Surrender totally in the hands of the massage therapist, let go of any desire to control or take the lead.

2. Relax

Place your legs symmetrically and your hands along the body, keep your eyes closed for a deeply stilling and relaxing state. This allows your body to truly relax and open up towards a greater healing and more profound states of fulfillment.

3. Empty your mind and let your thoughts pass without emerging in intricate scenarios of how the massage should be. Just become aware of these unique moments of delicious intimacy that will develop in a spontaneous flow.

4. Awareness is a secret key that opens the gate to all ecstatic experiences.
The more you are aware of what your entire being feels, the more you can expand, explore, liberate your senses and free your heart.

To be awake and fully aware during a Tantric Massage can help you reach realms of pleasure never seen before. Your focus is essential as it makes each session inspiring, unrepeatable and unforgettable, taking you beyond your personality into the transpersonal.

Enhance the awareness by simply noticing the scent in the room, the harmonious chords of the music and the soft caresses englobing your entire body. Thus it is easier to become present and receptive to the experiences of your own senses. Moreover settling oneself in the Here and Now can trigger a state of sincerity and help one discover what lies beneath the everyday armour of the mental patterns and social stereotypes. By neutralizing your reason, a well hidden space will be revealed underneath the skin, on a more more valuable level that will turn out to be your getaway to heaven.

5. Admiration

Admire sincerely the feminine beauty, the sensitive and caring energies expressed by our therapists. This will create a subtle game between the feminine and masculine energies, a mysterious silent conversation between Yin and Yang.

6. Silence

An inner alchemy awakes when words are less used and here at Silk Massage Centre there is only one language that we know: the Tantric Loving Touch. All your cells, emotions, aspirations, each and every fibre of your body will instantly recognize this language as a peaceful and harmonious way towards the awakening of your soul. Listen to this silent language of touch full of unconditional love.

7. Trust

Opening your heart in the presence of someone you have just met can be challenging and in the same time refreshing. This paradox creates a genuine connection between your heart and the one of your therapist that can be truly special and can help you transcend all limitations.

April 9, 2019