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Getting ready to go to a tantric massage to Silk Centre from Edinburgh

Getting ready to go to a tantric massage to Silk Centre from Edinburgh

Getting ready to go to a massage in our Silk Centre<br><br>

 1. Shower

It is essential that before receiving a massage you take a shower all over the body. And you may even want to pay extra attention to specific areas of your body, like the entire genital area, including buttocks and its folds, armpits, between the towes. Taking the shower just before you start the massage is important from several perspectives: first and foremost, for the hygiene aspect, then, it is also important to prepare your body to be ready for an amazing experience that you will have in the massage you are about to receive! Remember that just as you may turn your head after a very pleasant scent, in the same way, your masseuse/masseur will tend to be more giving in their touch when it is pleasant for them, as well to come closer to your body!

And even if you want to see this from the tantric point of view, it is essential that you physically also purify your body very well, and this will help for the flow of energies that will be awakening during the massage to flow freely and very pleasantly throughout your entire body. So the experience will become more pleasant and more fulfilling for you!

In our centre, as you arrive, you will be provided with everything you need so you can have a pleasant shower, you only need to bring yourself.

2. Money

We only take cash payment, so you do need to make sure you are well prepared for this. Please check our rates page, to see what you would like to try, and how much money you would need for it. And then, our experience has shown us so far, that it might be a good idea for you to have some more cash with you, as you might not want to leave our centre as soon as initially planned, and may want to extend your session. In this case, paiment also needs to be sorted before continuing, so best to be prepared, than going out to the cash maschine in the middle of your sensual massage session!

3. Arriving on time

For some of our guests, privacy is very important. So, it is important for us to know as precisely as possible the time when you will arrive. Usually, the time of your appointment, is the time when we expect you to arrive. And from then onwards, you should set free from your life program about the time of your booked session(90 minutes, or 2hrs, as you wish) plus about another 15 minutes, for the welcoming part, introductory talk and your shower. The time of your actual session will be counted from the time your therapist comes to your room, after you have had your shower, not from the time you come in, and not from the time that was initially set for your booking. So, feel free and relax, and if you are here a bit early, or if your running a few minutes late, that most of the time is possible, we just kindly ask that you keep us in the loop, by leting us know.

December 2, 2017