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10 Major benefits of the genuine Tantric Massage

10 Major benefits of the genuine Tantric Massage

Tantra Massage Therapy is a revolutionary form of bodywork that was developed by ancient tantrics. In the modern times more than never this therapy is as an antidote to conventional issues that plague many people. The beneficial aspects are many and maybe the most renowned is as a profound instrument of healing and famed for its ability to remove sexual and energetic blockages.
A person can experience a remodeling of their entire being and be awakened to profound effects on all levels – physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and sexual.

1. Improved Health
Tantra Massage stimulates the process of cleansing and purification by employing a powerful source of restorative energy and activating specific points of healing and release. It can remedy many chronic health issues by renewing vigor and vitality.

2. Eradicating Blockages
Blockages can stem from various sources, be known or unknown and can manifest in an array of facades. Tantra Massage addresses the entire human being and all its aspects. It touches a person on the physical, mental, emotional and sexual levels.
By employing energy, this experience has the ability to get to the root of the blockage, not just its superficial appearance, and drain it in a harmonious way.

3. Remedying Sexual Dysfunctions
Generally speaking, sexual dysfunctions are a result of a blockage. For men dysfunctions can range from impotence, premature ejaculation, loss of sexual desire, low self-esteem and others. For women this can include lack of desire, frigidity, painful sex, an inability to experience pleasure or achieve orgasm, plus much more. Through purifying the body, releasing blockages, awakening the sexual energy and dispersing this vital energy throughout the body, a person can get rid of sexual dysfunctions and transform their sex lives dramatically.

4. Increased Orgasmic Potential
When a person’s sexual energy is strictly condensed to the area of the genitals, sexual encounters and climaxes can be very short, one-dimensional and fleeting in nature.
Through the practice of Tantra Massage Therapy this potent energy is dispersed upwards in a human being and it becomes more refined and powerful. The higher this energy goes the more accessible high ecstatic states become.
Sex becomes a more transcendent and spiritual experience where orgasms can be extended to minutes and even hours, and two lovers can ride enduring waves of pleasure together. Men and women can become multiorgasmic and sexuality is elevated to tantric dimensions.

5. Spiritual Awakening
Unfortunately, due to a widespread misrepresentation of Tantra Massage as a sexual or erotic service ended by a “happy ending”, its spiritual benefits are often overshadowed and overlooked. While this may not be at the forefront of your interest, it is important to note the original purpose of this practice is to serve as a springboard for the higher tantric teachings and to upgrade a person’s level of consciousness.
When the massage is executed with authentic tantric principles in mind the spiritual inspiration seems to organically shine through and excite a natural curiosity towards deeper aspects of ourselves and our true nature.

6. Ability To Feel True Love
As the sexual energy is directed upwards using Tantra Massage techniques it will accumulate in the center of the chest. By the time it reaches the level of the heart it has changed dramatically into a pure love energy.
A person can experience an awakening and expansion of the heart and the accumulated energy can arouse a state of true love. Not the movies portrayal of love where it is an act or an action, but rather a genuine and unconditional feeling of love.

7. Improved Relationships
When Tantra Massage is practiced properly its effects are far-reaching. If healing and energy are the cornerstones of this practice, a person experiences a purification of the physical body, an alleviation of blockages, a renewed vitality, an ability to feel and share true love, a spiritual awakening often times, and a soul-opening bliss.
As a result of this inner transformation, the way a person interacts with the world and relates with others will change as well. They will be able to connect on a deeper level and be a conduit for more profound intimacy.

8. Elevated Success
Within each of us exists an energetic broadcasting system. When our systems are clean and pure, our broadcasting system resonates at a higher vibration and life or the universe can respond more favorably.
When a system is burdened with impurities, heavy emotions and blockages, the transmission is drowned out and diluted and a person will often times feel stuck or stagnant in life, generally.
Tantra Massage is like laundry for the physical and emotional bodies and can effectively purge baggage and blockages leaving a place and a space for the realization of pending dreams and desires.

9. Self-Awareness
Tantra Massage clears away the blockages and impurities that cause confusion and ignorance, and opens the doorway into self-reflection and introspection. With the waters less muddied, so to speak, our true selves can emerge.
Knowing your body and its capabilities can be liberating. However, Tantra massage allows not only a means to discover a connection with your ‘self’ and your partner, but those deep ecstatic states often open a spiritual dimension – a doorway to a new way of being.
Western society tends to repress sexuality, particularly for women. It often leaves both genders clueless about their sexual capabilities, often making the act itself as something mechanic. Tantra and Tantra massage have the unique potential to change that. They open an exciting gateway to spiritual evolution, which will touch your soul in ways you cannot explain.
When there is a more panoramic view of self, empowerment and wisdom are gained. We can now more intuitively and intelligently begin to redefine who we are, develop the person we wish to become and handcraft the life we wish to lead – without the heavy baggage.

10. Sustained Happiness
Through the abovementioned effects, Tantra Massage Therapy can bring forth a new lease on life, a liberation from the clutches of the past and welcomed clarity for the future which ultimately cultivates genuine, long-lasting happiness and contentment.
Experiencing this wondrous and inspiring practice is a rare opportunity for all to reach deep and satisfying fulfillment in love and life. Tantra massage acts as a gateway between an ordinary life and an extraordinary life, ordinary sex and extraordinary sex, and being an ordinary man or woman and a tantric man or woman.

Embark on an incredible journey and take the first steps in realizing your limitless potential.

June 20, 2018