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4 Hands Tantric Massage

4 Hands Tantric Massage

Double delight tantric massage is an erotic body massage offered by two masseuses at the same time. It is a dance of love and fulfillment, twice as much pleasure and fantasy.

It is aimed to entangle your body from all directions, continuously. Double delight massage is the next mile stone in erotic arousal. A wonderful erotic duet, sensuous movements on the rhythm of the music... An absolute wish for!

4 Hands Tantric Massage

     £240 double delight massage (massage with 2 masseuses) for 1hr 30mins
     £300 double delight massage (massage with 2 masseuses) for 2hrs

*Longer sessions are possible: every 30' costs additionally £80
*For our regular guests we have special bonuses and discounts.
*Note: To keep the privacy of our guests, the payment will be only in cash.