Testimonies from our lovely female guests

Here is a page where we will be adding testimonies from our lovely female guests. If you have visited our centre, please also feel free to add your testimony as a reply to this, or simply email it to us, and we will post it for you, if this is more suitable.

from Simone:
I noticed that there are only testimonies from your male guests when I first visited your website and I would like to give my impressions to encourage all ladies to have a go…

From the moment I entered the Temple, I felt surrounded by warmth and love. Everyone is just lovely and I immediately felt very comfortable. When booking my appointment I had been given the choice between a male or a female therapist and I opted for the male as I was not sure that I would feel comfortable with a woman doing the massage. This was my first massage of this kind and so I was slightly apprehensive when I arrived.
The room I was to have my massage in was lovingly decorated and cosily warm. When I met my therapist, he took his time to tell me about the tantra principles of the massage and right from the start put me at total ease. I immediately felt in safe hands and that was exactly where I was. During the massage he always seemed to sense and know what I needed, was it the more gentle, light or the more firm touch. I experienced the most wonderful, relaxing feelings and was amazed how my body responded to his massage. I felt cherished and loved and it was wonderful to have someone give me the utmost pleasure and concentrate fully on me for 2 hours without me ever having to give something back.
When I left I not only felt relaxed and extremely feminine but also very, very happy and this happiness is staying with me. Whenever I think back to my massage, I find that spark of happiness that my therapist planted in my heart which puts a smile on my face. I cannot thank him enough for what he has given me and I will surely be back.”



  1. Hi there.
    I’m looking to book a massage for myself ,, would there be anything available this weekend,, as I would travel from Inverness.

    • Dear Geraldine, Thank you for getting in touch! We have sent you an email and we look forward to receiving you in our Centre!

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