Celebration season at Silk Tantric Massage!

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Celebration season at Silk Tantric Massage!

It is a time of making gifts, and whenever we want to offer something, to anyone, we must always start with our selves first!

So we invite you to enjoy one or more of our celebration sessions this festive season!

Starting with the 15th of December 2014 until 15th of January 2015, each one of our guest will be receiving a symbolic Christmas gift, to show our appreciation for the chance you give us to offer you our special sensual tantric massages! And then, there are some special sessions just for you, just this season!

Massage-Christmas-offerFirst we recommend you build up your time and courage, and take the chance of giving yourselves the treat of our VIP sessions, which will imply you’ll be given a tantric treat by three of our therapists at the same time, and you will be spending a whole 3hrs here with us!

VIP session – 3hrs – 3 therapists – £490

Another option to give yourselves quite a treat, even when you have only 2 hrs at your disposal, is our special Gift of the Senses massage. This will bring you in the company of two of our therapists for 2hrs, and besides the treat of the Tantric massage, they will also be offering you what we call the Gift of the Senses, so you can experience all joys of life with great delight and awareness!

Gift of the Senses – 2hrs – 2 therapists – £290

For women who really want to pamper themselves for all their hard work over the year, we have two amazing options:

This festive season, we will be offering our lady guests the option of enjoying our yin-yang massage! You will be with us in the centre for 2 hours, and you will have your massage offered by a male and a female therapist at the same time! So in this amazing way, you will be having not 2, but 4 hands all over your body,  carressing you like you’ve never been touched before, and at the same time, this will be quite a spiritual and revealing experience, as you will get a chance to experience distinctively, yet simultaneously, both the feminine and masculine energies intertwining with your own!

Yin-Yang massage for women – 2hrs – 1-male therapist and 1 female therapist


Our other amazing offer for women is that you will be able to enjoy an amazing Tantric massage that simply  puts you into Ecstatic Bliss! And since it is the festive season, you are entitled to indulge yourself into a complete 3hrs massage with either a male or female therapist, as you feel most comfortable!

– Ecstatic Bliss massage for women – 3 hrs – 1 therapist – only £160!

And for the couples coming together to enjoy a blissful experience at our centre during this festive season, we will have some very special insight to share with them, helping you to understand more into deapth how you can best apply the tantric priciples into your life and how you can best and most efficient transform your life for the better with this amazingly pleasant experiences!

Couples festive sessions – 3hrs – 2 therapists – £300


We all wish you an amazingly Merry Christmas and the most fulfilling and succesful New Year of your life so far!

Silk massage Team


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